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louis vuitton uk outlet online A noted scholar once said : history of the Chinese nation can be engraved rivers foot , chased people. With a bit of curiosity , I approached those long historical collections . Touch those dusty volumes , can not help but respect a little initiation , their weight is too heavy , and that the paper was sallow not carrying anything else, it is skelter our entire Chinese nation, the vicissitudes of nature and heritage . So I tried to read it a read.

In the dead of night , under the faint blue lamp , accompanied by melodious bell , that distant memory began to sprout , one of the nation's bold thinking gradually extended .

Thoughts from a feudal dynasty began.

China in the past two thousand years of feudal times louis vuitton uk outlet online , at least fifteen hundred years ahead of the world . Of this history, we use " brilliant" word to describe , fully able to justify , we can say this is the glory of descendants , and the glory of the Chinese nation . Often talked about here , some of heard something like " get rid of the Manchus and restore China " who will inevitably produce a love " country " complex, consciously or unconsciously, to the glory thanks to Han . As can be seen in their subconscious, Han and the Chinese seem to equate , this bias appears to be as emphatic . In fact, I have many years of wandering in the cycle of this thinking .

However, when we read the history for a long time , you will naturally find a problem: Whenever mentioned several powerful dynasties in Chinese history , the Han rulers had first pioneered empire aside , the revered sights " barbarians " the most typical to count the Yuan Dynasty and Qing Dynasty . First, regardless of anything else, that big territory of the two empires , is enough to make us look " Xinjiang " Despair. Some would say , brilliant Tang Chinese feudal society reached its peak louis vuitton uk outlet online , which is the total of the Han people 's pride , right ? Historical research , however , after all, is relentless : Tang - Taizong Li Shimin was Xianbei tribe descendants. That is to say , the Chinese Historical Territory 's largest and most lavish feudal empire, were established by the nomadic people of ancient China . Even our proud Tang Empire , whose rulers have at least suspected of nomadic origin . The most dazzling history of a Han dynasty , seems to be relentless rub out .

Han pioneered feudal empire, always so deep introverted , gentle little words , the lack of a powerful personality and loud , broad-minded and lofty. In addition to the Western Han Dynasty period , the feudal imperial territory Qin , Han , Three Kingdoms, Jin , Southern and Northern Dynasties , Sui, Song , Ming and these are basically within the Great Wall along . As long as they occupy the Central Plains , north of the Great Wall as a barrier even have to dominate the world . Then, to break the soil is often included derogatory called militaristic . To some extent, they still lack a strong spirit , brave spirit. They do not have the confidence to conquer the long sand desert , snow -capped plateau , walking dynasty will not be able to break the fetters of Yangtze and Yellow River , the Empire will be off road journey can only be returned upon arrival at the foot of the Southern Wall . In their view, the Great Wall outside the customs too cold , almost barren louis vuitton uk outlet online , where people nascent, Rulangsihu , or not to provoke good. So let dynasty troops to Mobei adventure into the depths of the Empire was extended distant continent , have become a little history of the Han orthodox things .

For thousands of years , the southern sweetness and light, Central Valley wheat millet rice bred Han gentle, generous Renhe national character. Seek peace , and abide by the norms of national morality decided he always thrived in the convention area , refused over overstepped , it is up to the gentleman's demeanor reflects a profound national height . Determines the stability of the agricultural civilization that settled courtyard Han thought : civilian homes have walls , a walled city , a country or even the Great Wall , the behavior of these ideas are garden performance . Easy to see that the Han Dynasty nation will seek a peaceful body and soul . The " wall" at the same time to resist foreign intrusion also plays bind themselves not to infringe role.

Those northern nomads do ? Vagrant life , camped, danger, hunger and cold and unpredictable , even the rulers nor can often encounter people laugh masi , floating meaty , rich and peaceful life scenes . Instead, they are still suffering from hunger and cold . They need food, need to get rid of back and forth louis vuitton uk outlet online , empty stomach gin life. Due to limited grassland sheep and prey , they must continue to fight for territory, only victory in order to continue to survive , not to conquer others must be conquered others , others can be conquered as long as it means that the wheel of death or slavery . In the course of grazing and hunting in the riding and shooting skills to play to the extreme, these consummate skill and gradually formed a superb cold weapons combat skills . Jin bow illness arrowheads, horse ever used machetes looting and Crue . So for the ancient nomads , the battle and conquest is their daily work , brave warrior character traits formed. Many nomads hero - Yelu Baoji , Wanyan Aguda , Boer pounds only Temujin , AIXINJUELUO Nurhachu are growing up in this life and ethnic background environment . They gradually led his own powerful tribe , north south fight the war , invincible , completed the conquest of northern China military history again and again feat. When the North tentative, these have been established hehe strategist , he is a martial arts eagle as the wolf Xu careerist , take aim, their eyes to the south, waiting for the opportunity to occupy that fertile land.

Just south nomads prepare cruel knife refers to the Central Plains , when the Han dynasty emperor who is doing it big ? Emperor Ling of Han Liu cities up and down the water system is being designed , Huizong Zhao Ji is the wind took snowy night , poetry and painting , Wanli Emperor Zhu Yijun being painted fog cloud palace in swallowing , smoking opium .

Finally one day, these " barbarians " of the Han dynasty cruel wear out nightly . Xu Yujian , dithered down the court , the result is confusion yield louis vuitton uk outlet online , cede territory or escape. Smoke signals and the war in the Central Plains motherly smile, Jason Jiang Gui Jiaochen , Chuanba children 's songs disappeared. The fall of the Han dynasty , sturdy nomads in the Central Plains on stage .

However , due to cultural minorities and shortcomings in the understanding of the limitations on the development of social history , they took over the Central Plains , although also owned a pack of brilliant , but in a sense still hinder the development history of China thus extending the feudal era hundreds of years . Although they have good governance , good governance but the more the more backward feudal system in relation to the peak of production , new and more advanced production relations is difficult to survive , so that the Chinese nation in the nineteenth century, the complex fell into the abyss Wan catastrophe .

So let's take a look at the Yuan and Qing dynasties .

Yuan is really pretty with a gas into the halls of the Central Plains . At that time only one percent of Mongolia's population of Han Chinese population, but by virtue of their military Mongols able to make their territory across the Eurasian continent . Look up "historical atlas " can be found, as the Mongol Yuan Dynasty imperial one ( Mongol empire also includes Kipchak Khanate , Chagatai Khanate , Ilhan country WoKuoTaiHan ) , almost territory more than twenty million square kilometers , a large territory of the everlasting No , this can not say it is not a military conquest of the ancient history of a miracle . However, this minority in the Central Plains to build empire survived only complete 89 years to return the Mobei . Their military is certainly powerful, but powerful military can be used against foreign invasion , to break the soil to expand , but not with the Xiu Ming politics , rejuvenating Min . Traditional nomadic way of life cognitive determined to rule the way , let the Yuan Dynasty rulers ignored a more powerful force than the Mongol horsemen , that is: the lower the degree of civilization of a minority has a glorious civilization in the vast when the national implementation of the rule blindly reject each other's advanced culture brought about by self-destructive force . Face densely populated Central Plains, the face of the spirit of the broad Han culture , they have no respect and integrate rational choice but to take the insults and arbitrary boycott . Perhaps this is the only short-lived empire in history reasons.

At the time, the emperor of the Yuan Dynasty did not think to take the initiative is not fully integrated into the Han culture , louis vuitton uk outlet online to seek long-term stability . But when the Emperor raised in that sense , I was immediately met with strong opposition from the old aristocracy of Mongolia , only do strike. Even advocates of the imperial examination Han also postponed to the Yuan Ren -year period , showing not only did not learn the Mongols Han culture consciousness , and even encourage the development of Confucianism Han did not promptly do so. The most appalling is that the rulers of the people into four levels : the Mongols , Semu , Han , Penan . Mongols, Semu kill Han , Penan without attractiveness , while the Han Chinese , Mongolian kill Penan , Semu is sentenced to death , the same laws apply to different people in different grades , such blatant discrimination and oppression Han extremely serious ethnic Han people hurt self-esteem , how to gain the trust of this piece Han dominated world . The people lost, how can sit tight country . So quickly , in turbulent uprising across the Central Plains war , the collapse of the rule of the Yuan Dynasty .

And Yuan is different is that Jurchen established the Qing Dynasty unified China , but as long as 268 years. Despite the decline in the latter part of the reign of the historical process to become a stumbling block , but after all, create the Qing Empire had Kangxi and Qianlong , this brilliant sunset and a thousand years before the Tang Dynasty Zhenguan away with shine , to become China's feudal a proud annals .

More intelligent than the Qing Yuan . Manchu rulers know Jurchen culture on the Han people do not convincing enough , so determined to learn Sinology . Only by letting them stay long braids Han , wear flag clothing this form to defend their basic dignity as ruler . Manchu conquest in the early stage of the Han run- in with each other gradually found : Military service is ultimately minor dispute , if you try to change the culture of the Han ecosystem , things will really change up trouble . Most of the Qing emperor recognize : The Rise and Fall countries , play a decisive military and political power is not , but the thought and culture. Thus , successive emperors of the Qing Dynasty are respected Sinology hesitate to choose and try to learn Sinology . Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty and the whole China is the history of a rare special attention to the emperor Sinology. He spent 60 years, while his own inheritance from the hands of parents to the country to re- take care of it again ; the other side , he indulged in the Confucian sense of Zen , Confucian classics, history , and then a lot of Sinology we conducted a level not lower academic discussions . He personally recruited examiners academic achievers Han scholar , presided over the compilation of the " ancient and modern books Integration ", " Kangxi ", " Pei Wen Yun Fu ," " Qing Hui ," cultural spirit overwhelming. Manchu rulers of the Han culture fanatic obsessed with sincere feelings, let those who want Fuming began with lofty ideals to compromise on how many people full of hatred , and even they themselves gradually remember. The effective release of the Qing Dynasty and the Han culture, the perfect combination of calm swallow Carolina originator Kangxi hundred years later, the Manchu force , formed amplifier put up national character. This character -driven , so no Savage Manchu louis vuitton uk outlet online , Han no longer frail . An ancient oriental country seemed very confident in this hundred years, a firm , calm, serene.

Han culture is profound, its glory has not a word , but many hehe minorities equally worthy of our martial pride . Ancient Han people "drive barbarians " concept , apparently with severe limitations parochial thinking .

Half of the 18th century , the Qing dynasty began to decline. Official corruption , waste Wubei relaxation , because the shackles of feudal relations of production , the seeds of capitalism generated just be strangled in the cradle . The majority of people's lives worse , increasingly intensified class conflicts , feudal Qing Dynasty rule, no longer meet the needs of social and historical development. Meanwhile, the United States and other Western countries , but Britain and France have completed the bourgeois industrial revolution . They stepped in, a colonial expansion , to divide the land of China , I frenzy began. In desperation , the Qing government to pay reparations . Around one hundred years, the Qing government was forced to cut away more than 1.6 million square kilometers of land , claims hundreds of millions of taels of silver . A former powerful feudal empire became dilapidated , weak. Since then , both the Han Chinese or ethnic minorities also suffer untold misery powers from Europe . People finally clear understanding - to carve our Western imperialism is the real barbarians . Salvation and rejuvenation , become the common mission of peoples .

Since then, after a hundred years of bloody fighting , and finally achieved national independence , national unity comprehensive victory . We are not only a new attitude arose in the East, and our people in the war with the smoke of the fortitude to reshape national character , this character is no longer of the Han ethnic or minority , but we unified the nation character.

To socialism today, people of all nationalities in harmony, as close as brothers , is difficult to distinguish from each other , with their industrious hands to build his own beautiful home , a harmonious peaceful , prosperous countries are moving forward . However, while we are in full swing ethnic brothers , togetherness , solidarity, prosperity of the country when pouring sweat of hard work , some of the death of my heart die in western barbarians who was perverse , with some despicable means to incite ethnic divide us . Some of us eat the expense of idiots immediately flock to disrupt the scum of the nation's handful of social order , threatening the lives and property of the people. How can we tolerate the barbarians demagogic , how can we tolerate these rabble wanton own internal trouble . We are strong, we are powerful barbarians were afraid when they split for us to use these means rubbish , and have them on our psychological fear public. Our people have to work hard to enhance their own national self-confidence, the wind and waves , fast to achieve greater development . Western countries, China threat theory thrown at every turn , I see a Chinese threat to them is not enough . Of course , we do not attempt to go invade who bullied who have never thought to dominate the world . However, we can solemnly declare: we perish of my heart for those barbarians who die never tolerate ! I'm trying to get all the Chinese people of Xinjiang ripper behavior will not succeed ! Everything I tried to die the Chinese nation , organizations and individuals will not have a good end